About our Teachers

It starts with well-trained, high energy teachers that teach by example. Our children learn to respect themselves and others because our teachers model that respect everyday. At Wish Upon A Star, we carefully observe your child to see what his or her needs and interests are. Then we guide them towards hands on activities that will fulfill those needs and interests. Our teachers come from many diverse backgrounds at our facility. Teachers BreakroomHaving diverse teachers brings a variety of teaching styles to the classrooms, enhancing your child's learning experiences. Along with diversity our teachers have many qualifications and training certifications such as:

star40 Hours Training
starCDA or FCCPC
starFirst Aid / C.P.R.
starCollege Degree
starEarly Literacy Training
starV.P.K Training
starDiscipline Training

Just as our children are striving to grow each day, we are too.

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